How Often Should You Use Drainer Cleaner?

Blocked drains are not only messy, but they can also lead to many other problems if not cleaned regularly; the prevalence of germs and bacteria around chocked drains is a common phenomenon. And often, one blocked drain can lead to a ripple effect, as the other drains also get blocked, leading to a larger problem.

Why Do Drains Get Blocked?

Fat, soap and grease are among the major reasons why drains get blocked. When without effective drain cleaner, over time, these get accumulated in the drains and, unless they are removed regularly, they choke the pipes and prevent water from flowing smoothly. These ingredients are a part of our everyday use and their flow through the drains cannot be prevented. However, we can regularly clean the drains so that they do not collect there. Drain defects and occasional drain collapses can also lead to drains working inefficiently.

How Should We Clean the Drains With Cleaners?

It is always recommended that there should be regular cleaning of the drains; the best people to do this job are our professional drain cleaners. Drain jetting, one of the processes used by our professional drain cleaners, forces clean water through the drains. The rear facing jets, on the other hand, provide the push that is needed to force the jets through the drains, cleaning and clearing as they go along. High-pressure water jetting is effective, clean and environmentally friendly. It has proven to be a highly successful method of cleaning drains, of all shapes and sizes.

How Often Should You Clean the Drains Professionally?

At John Reeves Waste Management, we recommend that you should get the drains cleaned by us at least once every two or three years. This frequency should be increased if the drains are getting blocked regularly. We do not use any chemicals to clean the drains, so that the environment is not harmed in any way. Our efficient and experienced teams use only water and the jet propulsion system to clean your drains.

Generally, the free flow of water in the drains gets restored within a few hours. The length and condition of the drains determines the amount of time it takes to complete the job, however, you are assured of the fact that your drains will be cleaned thoroughly and you will not be plagued with the problem of chocked drains for some time.

If your drains are in need of cleaning, clearing or even unblocking then we here at John Reeves can help. Whatever your situation and regardless of the size of the job, we can undertake quick and effective drain cleaning to get everything working as it should in next to no time. Call us direct or email through our online contact form for more information, or for any expert advice.

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