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Top Tips for Spotting a Blocked Drain at your Property

The last thing any homeowner wants at this time of year with Christmas just around the corner is an added expense, however when it comes to a blocked drain, if you have one, it's best to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible to avoid any complications further down the line. Before calling in the professionals, you will of course need to know the warning signs of a blocked drain so you can act early, which is why we at John Reeves Waste Management have put together this handy list of tips to spotting a blockage;

Slow Drainage

If you're in the shower and the water isn't draining away as quickly as it used to or after washing up you are left with bubbly water in the sink for a considerable length of time, this could be the first sign that your drains have a blockage.

Furthermore, water rising out of the plug hole in your bath or shower unit when flushing the toilet is a sure-fire sign that you have a blocked drain and should be acted upon swiftly in order to avoid serious problems.

Bad Smell

If when you are working in your garden or simply walking down your driveway to get into the car you notice a bad smell, it is well worth getting someone in to check out your drainage system thoroughly.

Rather than attempting to put up with the smell, seek professional help as before you know it, sewage could be overflowing and finding its way inside your home if the problem is left untreated.

Unusual Noises

Every home has its own distinct noises that you will soon get used and no longer notice, however should you hear a new noise, particularly gurgling, this could be a sign to help spot a blocked drain.

After flushing a toilet for instance, a gurgling sound coming from the toilet itself or sinks, baths or shower units can be a sign of the displacement of trapped air in the system as it pushes its way up the pipe.

If you act early upon noticing any of these warning signs, the effects of a blocked drain can be limited and the cost, at an already expensive time of year, kept to a minimum. For the most effective method of blocked drain clearance, get in touch with us here at John Reeves to discover more on our drain jetting services and how they can benefit you!

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