Septic Tank Fertiliser

Top Tips To keep Your Septic Tank in Good Working Order

Your septic tank not only needs to be emptied on a regular basis but it also needs to be kept in good working order. Septic tanks need to have a strict bacterial balance to maintain the biological activity within the tank. Certain chemicals and products can affect the microorganisms in the tank that break down the solid waste. So here a few tips to help you keep the bacterial balance of your tank at its best:

• Try to choose laundry and dishwasher soaps that have low, or no phosphate in them. They are fine to use as they do not affect the organisms in your septic tank. As phosphate is a huge water pollutant, it can work as a fertiliser causing algal blooms to develop.

• Bleach and certain other chemicals kill bacteria whether it is good or bad. If the good bacteria in the tank is killed, it can stop the breakdown of the solid waste. Limit your usage to keep the organisms in the tank working.

• Disinfectants again are ok if used within limitations. If they are diluted in water for things such as mopping, this is fine. It would take a large concentrated amount to kill the bacteria and organisms in the tank.

• The microorganisms are not able to break down certain items such as nappies, sanitary items or cigarette butts. Therefore you must ensure that these products are never flushed down the toilet.

• Certain food items such as vinegar should not be put down the sink as they can kill the bacteria. There are also other food items that can add to the solids going into the tank, therefore giving more solid waste to be broken down. Oils and grease should be thrown in the bin to avoid them hardening in the drain.

To keep the balance of your septic tank at the optimum level, we here at John Reeves offer septic treatment services to maintain and correct any problems within your septic tank. We have a variety of efficient solutions to increase the microorganisms in your tank. For more information on our septic treatment services call us today on 0800 3587 455, or contact us via our online form.

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