Septic Tank Emptying

Septic Tank Emptying Stoke on Trent & Across Staffordshire

Septic tanks consist of a series of settlement chambers, attached to an inlet drain via which, waste enters the tank. Usually, the septic tank leads to a drainage field or soaks away on the outlet side. Wastewater enters the septic tank, where solids settle down to the bottom and excess water drains into the soak-away by displacement.

The solids then are partially decomposed and need to be removed from the tank periodically to prevent them from entering and damaging the soak-away. John Reeves Waste Management can empty and maintain septic tanks across Staffordshire and surrounding areas, leaving you with a system which works as efficiently and safely as possible.

Do Septic Tanks Need Emptying

Septic tanks and sewage treatment plants are potentially dangerous for the environment if not de-sludged regularly. Failing to empty and maintain them may cause pollution to watercourses and can result in the need for expensive repairs.

Septic Tank Emptying throughout the Local Area

Despite being out of sight, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants are not totally maintenance-free and need regular emptying. The frequency of septic tank emptying at your Stafford property depends on many different factors, such as tank usage (related to the number of people using it), volume and the condition and type of the tank/plant and the outlet drainage. As a general rule of thumb, it is advisable to have your septic tank emptied at least once a year.

Sewage Treatment Plant Emptying Services

Sewage treatment plants treat sewage waste, usually by settling out solids and then providing aeration to the wastewater, allowing bacteria or micro-organisms to live and thrive within the plant, breaking down and digesting the waste. When working correctly, sewage treatment plants can provide a final water quality suitable for discharge straight to a watercourse (subject to obtaining permission from The Environment Agency).

Again, they require regular removal of sewage waste solids and servicing to keep them in optimum working order. As with a septic tank, the frequency of sewage treatment plant emptying at your premises in Shrewsbury or Whitchurch depends on its usage and the make and model of the plant.

Both septic tanks and sewage treatment plants will benefit from bacterial treatment, to replenish and maintain the micro-organisms within the system and help protect them from the harmful effects of household chemicals. We offer Biotreat365, an annual supply of bacteria, designed to treat and support domestic drainage systems.

Why John Reeves Waste Management?

We have 40 years of experience emptying septic tanks for both commercial and domestic clients. Utilising the latest equipment, we can solve all your septic tank-related problems. John Reeves Waste Management empty and maintain all makes and models of septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and cesspools.

Working throughout Stafford, Staffordshire, Shrewsbury & Whitchurch

John Reeves Waste Management provide trouble-free emptying and maintenance services for off-mains drainage systems in Stafford, Staffordshire, Shrewsbury, Whitchurch and throughout the region. If you would like to find out more about our services, are looking for some expert advice, or would like to receive a free quotation, simply call us on 0800 3587 455.

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